It’s 10 P.M. on a muggy night in August. There isn’t much to do, but we end up doing something anyway. Sounds like the beginning of a really bad Summer blockbuster, but I swear, it wasn’t anything like that. In fact, it was the exact opposite.

I heard the voices first.

A group of children were crouched behind a clump of shrubs, willing their feet not to make a sound. They were whispering–straining to hear if their pursuers were within their vicinity.

Our steps slowed as we approached the group. My friend gave me a knowing look, while my sister continued to stare towards their direction.

“Can you imagine that we were those kids a few years ago?” I said, quietly.

My friend turned to look at me, and smiled. She remembered, and she felt it too.

These kids were clever, but they weren’t as cunning as we used to be. When I was growing up, my neighborhood was known for its mischief. Broken windows, baseballs being struck through car windshields, and loud shouting late at night was normal. Our disorder even caused an official curfew to be set for our small community. Now that’s a story worth listening to, but it’s not the one I want to tell you all today.

My story is one of lost years, and life rocketing past. It’s the story of maturing without even realizing it. I want everyone to know how weird it all felt. Seeing those happy-go-lucky kids running about felt completely, and utterly bizarre. And it lead me to ask this question:

When the hell did we all grow up?

When did all of this

FUN FACT: The blonde girl on my right is still very much a part of my life. We went to the same pre-school, elementary school, middle school, and high school. Can y’all guess where she’s going to college?

become this

We used to be those carefree kids who hid until the early hours of the morning because we didn’t want to be found. We were the adventurous ones — the ones who were fueled by mystery and danger.

We were the kids who did yoga before yoga was even a thing:

We were the cool kids who had parties filled with goodie-bags, and sick Halloween costumes:

We were painters:

And writers:
And curious little adventurers:

But most importantly, we were the robbers who never wanted to be captured.

The nostalgia hit me hard on that muggy night in August. So many changes are taking place around me, and I’m not exactly sure how I feel. It’s crazy to believe that I (along with the majority of the Class of 2015), will be starting my first semester of college next week. I feel overwhelmed, and I know I’m not the only one.

To all of my friends and readers who are going off to college, I wish you the best. For some of you, this might be the greatest thing that has ever happened. But for others, like myself, things might be getting too real, too fast.

It’s O.K. You’ll be fine. Growing up is a part of life.

Graduating high school was a milestone for me. Turning eighteen the day after was another high point in my life. And my first official day as a college student will be another memorable highlight.

Stay golden Class of 2015. And good luck to everyone going back to school! Embrace the change.

I’ll see y’all next week!



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